Tuesday, 13 May 2014


My first piece of art work in about two years

I guess you could say that I have struggled to get back into art and crafting and this is my first piece in about two years.  It has given me some exercise with a pen, as well as that much needed start to being creative again.

In short, I had severe depression, which, amongst other things, stole my ability to face and do one of the things that defined me, that fed the soul and heart of me........my art.
It was if a huge piece of me no longer existed........it became a no win situation...... I needed it but could not face it because of  fear, feeling the fool and being a failure.......... even though I felt empty with out it,  I couldn't face it.

 I am now at the stage where I feel ready to explore and play again ....................and that's exciting!
Although i still battle with depression,  thanks to the support of family and friends , I have found the strength to try and that means that the only way now is forward...... and that feels wonderful.
My journey begins here.